This month be thankful for the world wide web

World Wide Web

In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. Many families take time off from their busy schedule to be with their family and enjoy a nice meal. It is a time to be thankful.

As a software developer,  I’m thankful for the world wide web. I had a revelation back in 1997 when I took my first computer science course in Mountain View Community College. As part of my assignment I had to search for information and google provided the data I needed. It was during that time that I made the following remarks, “the web will have a major impact in the world.” From that point on, I wanted to learn more about the web. Who invented the web? Can I create my own web site? I was determined to learn more about the world wide web. So I took different courses in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These courses gave me the foundation to start my career as a software developer.

I’m thankful for the web because it created a whole new industry. We can thank the web for the rise and success of ebay, amazon, netflix, apple, and many other companies. It has created many job opportunities. I can be thankful for the web because it created my job. It is hard to imagine the world without the web.

What about you? Are you thankful for the web?

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