General WordPress

The beauty of using WordPress

WordPress is more than a blogging platform. With many plugins to choose from, you can build a very sophisticated site.

With WordPress, I don’t have to worry about designing my site so that it displays correctly on mobile devices, desktop browsers, and tablets. Currently I’m using
Twenty Thirteen theme and my blog looks correct on all devices. We have to thank responsive design for this enhancement. Take a look at my blog with your mobile device and you will see this:


 I have 2 section on my blog: one for the main content and another section that displays my latest tweets. The above image does not display the tweet section next to the main content. It is displayed at the bottom of the page. If you browse it with a bigger display, you will see both sections next to each other.

With WordPress, I can concentrate in writing blog posts. I don’t have to write code to maintain another website. Currently I’m using Bluehost to host my blog and I’m very happy with their service. One of the nice features about Bluehost is that they do daily backups of my files and mysql database. Before I update WordPress thru the dashboard, I make sure that I download the latest backup (files and database) to my local computer. Having the backup files locally, gives me confidence to upgrade my blog without fear. If something happens with this update, I can upload the backup files and continue writing.

WordPress also has a large ecosystem. You can find plugins for about anything you need. For me, I wanted to integrate my posts with Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Facebook. For this need, I’m using Jetpack which has a ton of features.


I highly recommend WordPress to manage your blog. You can concentrate on writing and let WordPress’s theme handle the design for you. Most of the themes will display correctly on desktop and mobile browsers. If you need to extend WordPress, you can installed free or paid plugins to improve your site.