Resources to help you become a better software engineer

Software engineers need to keep up with the latest changes in technology. I want to share 4 resources that helped me become a better software engineer.

1. Scott Hanselman

Scott is currently working for Microsoft and connects with the community thru his blog  and podcast called hanselminutes. Just by reading his blog posts, I’m able to stay current on the latest news in the .Net Framework and ASP.NET.

2. John Sonmez

John is a software developer, published author, professional speaker, entrepreneur, podcaster, blogger, YouTuber, consultant, and life coach for software developers. He has created more than 50 Pluralsight courses on topics like mobile development, unit test, Java, .NET, and game development. You can find hist blog at

3. Dotnetrocks

Dotnetrocks is a podcast hosted by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell. At the beginning, the shows were focused on the .Net Framework and ASP.NET. But later, it has created shows on Javascript, AngularJS, security, architecture, Android, iOS, game development  and many others. With more than 1100 shows, it is very hard for me to keep up with them.

4. Scott Allen

Scott has produced 34 Pluralsight courses on .Net, Javascript, AngularJS, C#. He writes regularly on his blog at I’m a big fan of his AngularJS articles.

These are the 4 resources I visit frequently to stay current with the latest changes on the software industry. Let me know what resources you use.

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