Thanks Microsoft for contributing to my paycheck

After graduating from Sourhern Methodist University, I wanted to secure a full-time job in IT. All I read in job postings was “required .net framework”. Most of the job openings required the .Net framework. Since I only knew Java and Visual Basic 6, I knew I had to learn .Net. I bought a beginning book from Wrox and it gave me steps by steps instructions to develop .Net applications.

I remembered writing a credit application for my parent’s furniture store. After working with my parents for 7 years and barely surviving, I was ready to put my self-taught .Net knowledge to the test. I was ready to start interviewing again.

I uploaded my resume to different sites. In addition to posting my resume online, I also applied to many companies. I interviewed with lots of companies but most of them required more experience with .Net. They wanted .Net experience in a software company or big IT department.

At this point I was getting a bit disappointed, but I continued with my research. In December 2008, I received a call from James Paul. James was the co-founder of and he found my resume online. I was so excited that someone found my resume. He invited me to their Arlington office and the interview was not technical. The interview went well and the final step was to interview with John. John was the lead developer during that time and I was able to answer most of the questions correctly.

I spend a year and a half with PrintPlace and during that time, I was able to learn more about .Net and Asp.Net.

After leaving PrintPlace, I worked for Ristken, Verizon, and now MD Buyline.

In all of these jobs, I have utilized the .Net framework to build web applications. Thanks Microsoft for creating the .Net. The .Net framework gave me the opportunity to be a software professional. It gave me an identity and I can say proudly that I’m a .Net developer. Thanks again, Microsoft.

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