How I use Evernote to write blog posts

How I use Evernote to write blog posts

It is 7:07 am and my train has departed from Westmoreland station. I’m writing this blog post using Evernote on a Samsung Galaxy S3.

In this post, I want to share how I use Evernote to write on my blog. Here are the 6 steps I take to write blog posts using Evernote:

1. Focus on writing
I take the train to work everyday. It takes me an average of 37 minutes to go from Westmoreland Station to Mockingbird Station. During this time, I concentrate on writing. My focus is to write without paying attention to grammar errors. This allows me to write without distractions. Sometimes I create an outline before I start writing. Today I just started writing and captured most of my thoughts. I would say that 80% of my writing takes place in this step.

2. Sync
After I have completed my first draft, I save my work on Evernote. Then I do a final sync so I can open up my blog post on my computer.

3. Transfer notes to computer
At this point, I use my computer to open up Evernote and copy the title and contents over to WordPress. Inside WordPress I make sure that I save my post as is.

4. Delete note inside Evernote
Since I have a copy of my note in WordPress, I delete the note in Evernote. This helps me keep a clean list so I don’t write about a topic more than once.

5. Edit in WordPress
In this step, I read the entire post a few times. Then, I start the edit process. I also try to add images to my post at this step.

6. Publish
Finally, I click on the “Save Draft” button and preview it a final time before hitting publish button.

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