AWS Git Source Control

Getting started with AWS CodeCommit

Amazon is always creating new products and services. On November 2014, AWS announced new tools to help developers manage their source code and deployments. One of those tools was CodeCommit, a managed revision control service that hosts Git repositories.

On July 2015, AWS announced thru their blog that CodeCommit was available for production use.

Let’s create a new repository to see CodeCommit in action:

  1. Create new repository
    – Sign in to the AWS Console, and go to Developer Tools > CodeCommit
    – Click on Get Started link
    – Enter a repository name and description
  2. Shared the new repository
    – To connect to your new Git repository, you have 2 options: SSH and HTTPS. To keep it simple, let’s go with HTTPS.
    – Create a customer managed policy for your repository. Follow this article for complete instructions.
    – Create IAM Group and assign users to that group. Follow this article for complete instructions.
  3. Clone CodeCommit repo locally
    – If you are on windows, you can use the command and type:
    $ git clode
  4. Now you are ready to start making changes.

If you have used Git before, you can continue using the same tools as before. Github and Bitbucket also allow you to host public and private repositories. With AWS, all repositories are private and need specific permissions to be setup with IAM policies and groups.

I’m still playing with this new AWS service and plan to write more in-depth articles on it.