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My top 3 ReSharper keyboard shortcuts


Recently I had a chance to upgrade ReSharper, a visual studio plugin to help .NET developers be more productive. If you are not using ReSharper, you are missing out on lots of features. In this post, I want to share the top 3 ReSharper keyboard shortcuts that help me write better code.

1. Go To Implementation [Control Shift Alt B]
This is one of my favorites ReSharper keyboard shortcuts. In my current project, we use interfaces extensively. Using interfaces help us write unit tests around our classes. When we are debugging, the go to implementation keyboard shortcut is a must have tool. Many times we read stack traces and we know the method name and it is there that we start our debugging process. To use Go To Implementation, right-click on a method and select the Go To Implementation from the pop-up menu. If you are like me and prefer to use keyboard shortcuts, press control shift alt b at the same time. I try to memorize these shortcuts so I can keep my hands on the keyboard.

2. Go To Declaration [Control B]
If you want to go where a method has been declared, right-click on the method or class that you want to inspect and select Go To Declaration. The keyboard shortcut for Go To Declaration is Control + B.

3. Find Usages Alt F7
This key comes very handy when you are about to make changes and want to see all possible changes. If I have to refactor a piece of code and see a lot of usages, most of the time I will not modify that code but instead create a new method or class. To use the Find Usage tool, right-click on your code and select Find Usages or Alt + F7.

I hope you find these shortcuts helpful while writing .Net applications. In a future post, I will write how to use ReSharper to perform code reviews.