Dot Net Deployments – OSS Project to Handle .Net Deployments

I’ve been working on a new open source project called DotNetDeployments. Main purpose of this project is to learn .NET Core 2.0 and also to deploy any type of .NET project. Windows services, WCF services, ASP.NET MVC, Web API projects are handled with this tool. AWS CodeDeploy will be responsible for the actual deployment. PowerShell scripts will be used to setup IIS sites, install windows services, create back-ups and more.

I’m still seeing enterprise products being release manually or with a long list of instructions. The goal of this project is to handle all deployment activities with this tool. Sometimes we don’t have the budget to invest in deployment tools like Octopus DeployAppVeyor, or TeamCity. This is a new tool that will help those organizations automate 100% of their deployment activities and reduce human errors.

How to Contribute

Since .Net Core runs on Windows, Mac OS, and linux, you can use any text editor of your choice. I recommend using Visual Studio Code as your editor. First thing you have to do is clone the repository. Next commit your changes and once you are satisfied, open a pull request. I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.

To be able to test your changes against AWS CodeDeploy, you have to setup a profile on your local computer. You have to name it “dotnetdeployments-profile”. Take a look at the official AWS doc online for a full explanation on credentials/profile setup.

In the next days, I’m going to create GitHub issues to manage all work needed to make this tool successful.

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