How to be an Effective Support Engineer

effective support engineer

For the last 2 months I’ve been in charge of our production support. If there is a bug or something needs investigation, a ticket is created to start this work. We have websites, web services and windows services to manage all these products. We are a .NET shop but also run linux servers. To be an effective support engineer, you have to familiar with your codebase. Some will say that you have to be an expert. The more familiar you are with your code, the easier it becomes to resolve issues.

How to become a project expert?

It is going to be very difficult to become an expert without having spent enough time on a given project. One way to become a project expert is to be familiar with the code. You have to be familiar with the architecture and how the project is structured. First step is to add new features to the project. By adding new features, you will understand the project better than if you start by working on bugs. Pair programming is another way to gain project knowledge. Ask other developers for help. During this knowledge transfer session, take notes and share it with other developers. The next time you receive a bug or ticket on this project, you will be in a better position to resolve it in a timely manner.

Take notes

On many occasions, I receive the same ticket within months and I had to spend hours doing the same research. This is because I didn’t take any notes when I received the original ticket. That’s why it is very important to take notes. When I start my research, I take notes as I look in the code or sql query. Sometimes I use notepad++ to take simple notes like text. For more detailed notes, I use Microsoft Word and take pictures. These pictures get annotated so we can focus on a specific area. No matter what program you use, take notes and share them with your team.

Transfer Knowledge

Just imagine keeping this knowledge to yourself. The internet was invented to share documents with other people. The same concept applies to support engineers. We have to share this information with other developers. Sharepoint or Confluence are tools that help software teams share important information. During pair programming sessions, take the time to share project architecture and any potential areas where the software can be made better.

When you take the role of a support engineer, you have to be familiar with the project. As you work on bugs, take notes so this knowledge gets share with other developers. Wikis are essential to transfer knowledge. Having a central place where information is shared will pay off dividends in the long run.

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