How to be Consistent with your Writing

I started writing on this blog on April 2014. This was my second attempt in starting a blog. During my first attempt back in 2013, I was very excited to start writing and sharing with my fellow software developers. I bought a domain and paid for hosting thru GoDaddy. I had big dreams with this new project but I could not write. I didn’t produce a single article. When it came time to renew my domain, I decided to cancel my hosting account and also not to renew my domain. I came up with so many excuses not to write anymore.

However, with the start of the new year, I decided to create a new blog. This time I decided to use because I wanted to share solutions to common software problems. My goal was to create 1 article for month. So far I have only missed couple of months. To stay consistent on my blog, I read everyday. Currently I’m concentrating on cloud computing articles. AWS is my favorite cloud provider and there are blog posts everyday. My second favorite topic is .NET framework, C#, and its related tools. Let’s not forget about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

After reading, I like to write for a few minutes using my cell phone. I use Evernote and take notes without paying attention to grammar or errors. During this time, I want to capture my ideas because I will forget later. When I’m using my MacBook Pro, I write directly on my blog. I also use Visual Studio Code to take notes. When I’m ready to publish an article, I read it multiple times to find any errors.

This is my advice to other developers starting with a blog. Make it a habit to write everyday. It doesn’t have to be 500 or 1000 words. Your goal should be to write something everyday. This will help you stay consistent with your writing. If you write something this week and don’t produce any content the following 2 weeks, it’s going to be difficult to stay consistent.

Stop reading now and go write something. See you next time.



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