Last month I started working as an independent software developer. I was able to find 2 contracts writing .NET code. I was able to find the first job thru a referral. The other job was listed in linkedin. Both of these jobs allow me to do my work remotely. In this post I want to provide a quick update on these 2 contracts.

CRM Integration

In this job, I’m integrating 2 CRM providers ConnectWise and AutoTask. These CRM providers allow you to create companies, contacts, tickets, opportunities, etc. I’m using Visual Studio Team Services as our source code management tool. We’re using web forms for this project. On the JavaScript side, we’re using jQuery, Knockout, Bootstrap.

SMS marketing platform

In this job, we’re creating a new sms marketing platform. We’re using Twillio, Docker, AWS, .NET Core 2, ServiceStack, and Git. One of the challenge I have faced in this job is to learn these technologies since my knowledge was limited in these areas. Let me give you an example. Every time we commit code, our code base is built using Travis. After code is packaged, it gets deployed to Docker. Since I’m new to Docker, I had no idea how to debug code in a Docker container. The strange thing was that my code worked locally but the same code was not working on QA. However, after asking other developers, we came to the conclusion that the issue was not the code. It was an issue with our deployment. During a git merge, a line of code was removed that affected our deployment logic.

That’s it for now. See you next month.