Resources to get you started with Azure

The cloud is here to stay. And with that in mind, we, as software engineers, have to keep our cloud skills up-to-date. AWS and Azure lead the cloud computing space in terms of services and revenue. For the last few years, I have gained hands on experience with AWS and was able to get certified as a developer associate. Now it is the perfect time to gain a deeper knowledge about Azure services. In this post, I’m going to share resources to get you up-to-speed with Azure services.

First, open up an account with Azure by visiting the Azure home page. The home page has a lot of resources to learn more about Azure solutions, products, documentation, pricing, training, marketplace, partners, support, blog, and more.

One of my favorite resources is to visit the get started guide for Azure developers page. It contains quickstarts, tutorials, samples, concepts, how-to guides, references, and other resources. I highly recommend downloading the sdk and building small apps. Nothing beats getting your hands dirty with code that calls Azure services. Currently Azure has SDKs in .NET, Node.js, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Go.

Another resource that I use frequently is to read Azure applications hosted on Github. When I’m unable to come up with a solution, I search on Github for existing solutions.

Azure Friday is another great resource to learn more about Azure services and offerings. Scott Hanselman and company have created high-quality videos showing new features. On average, these videos are 15 minutes long.

A Cloud Guru has courses to help you get started with Azure. They have an introduction course and also courses that help you achieved certifications.

That’s it for this post. In future posts, I will target specific services and share my adventures learning Azure.