AWS Solutions Architect – Associate

After a very long process, I was able to take and passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. In my current job, we don’t use AWS and that made it more difficult to gain hands on experience with AWS services. To prepare for the exam, I used 4 resources:

Acloudguru – I took at least 30 minutes to watch acloudguru videos. I also paused the videos to take notes. It is so many material to cover so it’s better to have notes for future use.

Frequently ask questions – There is so much information on AWS FAQ documents. Based on the acloudguru videos, I wrote down what services I needed to read the FAQs. I highly recommend to take additional notes as well. It will come handy before you take the exam.

Re:Invent videos – During my commute to work and back, I use my phone to listen to re:invent videos. I listened to EC2, S3, ALB videos and they were very beneficial to reinforce what I learned in the past.

Hands on experience – I also gained hands on experience by using AWS console or using the SDK. If you search on my blog, you will find many posts with detailed information on different AWS services.

I hope this post will help you prepare for any AWS certifications.

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