Easy way to encrypt EBS volume

Back in January 2019, I wrote an article on how to encrypt an EBS volume. It was a very tedious process. However, things have changed for good. AWS has simplified this process. In this article, I want to share how easy is to encrypt an EBS volume.

Before we launch a new EC2 instance, we need to use a key. Just like you lock and unlock your house door using a physical or digital key. Same principle applies to encrypted EBS volumes. To create a new KMS key, go to the key management service console and select customer managed keys from the left side menu.

Now create a new key. Once you have a new KMS key, we can launch a new EC2 instance. When you get to the storage option, pay attention to the encryption option. 

As you can see from image above, you will see your KMS keys in the encryption option. Go ahead and select a key and continue with your EC2 configuration wizard. 

That’s it. We have to be thankful to AWS for making this process easier. 

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