.Net Azure SDK

Integrating Azure Services to your own project

In this post, I want to share what options do we have as software developers to integrate Azure services to our own projects.

Go to
and see that we have couple of options or tools to integrate Azure services. First, we have the Unified SDKs. The Unified SDK is the new and improved SDK from the original Azure SDK. It is available in Java, Python, .NET, JavaScript / TypeScript. 

Next, we have the original SDKs. It is available for Go, Java, PHP, Python, .NET, and JavaScript / TypeScript. 

If you enjoy working on a terminal / command window, Azure also has command line tools. Currently there 4 tools in this space:  Azure command-line interface, PowerShell, AzCopy Command-Line Tool for Azure Storage, and Azure Storage Emulator.

In addition to SDK and command line tools, Azure has standalone tools. Currently, there are 3 standalone tools: Azure Storage Explorer, Azure Data Studio, and Azure CloudShell.

If you don’t see your programming language listed here, let me know how you have integrated Azure services into your project.